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About US

Rajasthan Association UK is a registered charity (Charity No. 1191389) in the United Kingdom with a vision and mission to serve the community locally and globally.

You have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to support the charitable causes of RAUK for the betterment of society. By chipping in and offering your support, you can play an active role in fostering positive change and improving the lives of countless individuals.

We believe together we can embrace who we are,
can define our future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
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Our Mission

Reaching out to individuals and organizations to help them in developing Rajasthani cultural education and providing items & services to fulfil the basic needs, by mobilizing the volunteers and the donors generosity

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Our Vision

Building a global community where people are not deprived of Rajasthani cultural education and helping people in need

We Need Your Support Today!

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