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Mirchi Bada Fest 2022

Ram Ram Sa & Khammaghani,

London MirchiBada Fest” was one of the delightful initiative by Rajasthan Association UK (RAUK) @UKRajasthani team in year 2020.

We continued our celebration for the community in this year as well. This year you can enjoy MirchiBada Fest in 2 ways:

1. In Person – Join us at the venue with your family to enjoy MirchiBada and meet extended AUK family at Nagrecha Hall (202 Leyton Rd, London-E15 1DY) on Sunday 27th Nov 2022 10:00am to 12:30pm.

2. Collection - Collect your box (4 Mirchibada & Sweet) from one of the below collection point* between 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 27th Nov 2022.

A list of our collection points are:

*Please make sure to mention your collection point, when filling the details.

*Collection points are purely run by volunteers.

Allergy advice - MirchiBada does not contains nuts, but it may contains traces of nuts. Note: For any queries contact Email:


Nagrecha Hall, 202 Leyton Rd, London, E15 1DY



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